Contact Lenses

If glasses get in the way of your active lifestyle - why not try contacts? Contacts can be an excellent substitute for spectacles or an addition for those occasions when you just don’t want to wear specs. Do you play sports, like to go diving or just don’t want to wear those specs out at night…..come in and give contacts a try.

Contacts have come a long way in the last five years, becoming more comfortable and healthier to wear. There is a larger range of wearing options (including daily, fortnightly, monthly and extended wear contacts) and they have extended the prescription ranges to suit almost all patients.

Contact lens options include:

One day wear
Fortnightly wear
Monthly wear
Extended wear
Vision options that include
Single Vision. Monovision and Multi focal contact lenses

Never worn contacts?

If you have never worn contacts or if you haven’t worn them for a couple of years, book in to see what is available for you. Your first set of trial lenses are free so we take the risk out of just ‘giving them a go’. If you love your contacts we will then take you through how to clean and look after your lenses. The one-off fitting fee covers all your contact lens visits for 12months so you can come in and bother us…anytime!

Ordering contacts

Reordering is easy – just phone our office (98413801) and chat to any of the staff who can place the order online immediately. OR you can now repeat your last order by clicking on the REORDER box at the top of this page. Leave your contact details and we will phone you as soon as they are instore. They can then be collected instore or posted to your address.